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Andreea Stoica Counsellor/Psychotherapist 

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Programme Achieve

Develop your child’s social and emotional capabilities!


This programme was developed by Michael E. Bernard, PhD and it's part of YOU CAN DO IT! EDUCATION 

The core purpose of this programme is the development of young’s people social and emotional capabilities (foundations), including confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along, and emotional resilience.

With this programme we mean to instil in young people the 12 habits of the mind that support and nourish the five foundations: accepting myself, taking risks, being independent, I can do it, giving effort, working tough, setting goals, planning my time, being tolerant of others, thinking first, playing by the rules and social responsibility.

Also, the core purpose is the elimination of the social and emotional difficulties that constitute barriers to young people’s learning and well-being including: feeling very worried, feeling very down, procrastination, not paying attention/ disturbing others and feeling very angry/misbehaving.




Getting Started  

  • Let’s get started!
  • Being Successful And Happy Is GREAT!
  • The Keys To Your Treasure Chest
  • The Values Of Good Character
  • Meet The Blockers


  • The Practice Of Confidence
  • Confident Relaxation
  • Who Cares? ... I Care!
  • How Does Your Cookie Crumble
  • Confidence Is Our Game!


  • Weighting The Task
  • Cleaning Obstacles Off The Road
  • It’s Hard, Unpleasant Time
  • Ready, Set, Go!
  • Quitters


  • The Goal Is To Be Organised
  • Internal Affairs
  • It’s A Record
  • Don’t Forget Me!
  • Where Should I Start?

Getting Along

  • Friends, Buddies, Pals
  • Focus On Others: Teaming And Volunteering
  • You Can’t Judge A Book by its covers…
  • Problem Busters
  • Stand Tall and chill Out


  • Emotions
  • Thinking, Feeling, Action
  • Brilliant Resilience
  • Using Your Head
  • Where To From Here?



Format:     Small groups formed of 8 children.

Fee:             £50/module.


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