Andreea Stoica Counsellor/Psychotherapist
Andreea Stoica Counsellor/Psychotherapist 

Andreea Stoica Counselling 

Kingsbury House
468 Church Lane



My practice

I've started working in my private practice in January 2015. Since than I had the privilege of being able to help people overcome their emotional difficulties. I've witnessed amazing transformation in people’s lives. I've helped people raise up and face their problems and I had the great pleasure of seeing them leave my practice happy and optimistic, ready to fight their battles and live their life in a meaningful way.

From my work with adults experiencing emotional difficulties, I see how much of their pain could have been spared if they would have learned earlier in their lives how to handle their emotions. Program Achieve focuses on developing the social and emotional capabilities of children. Being part of this program, children will learn to cope with life in general, preventing them from unnecessary emotional distres. 

As I’ve had lots of enquires from parents about how to handle certain situations with their children I’ve introduced the parenting course for parents who want to find out more about how to improve their relationship with their children or struggle to cope with difficult children.


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